Extreme Cleaning
Extreme Cleaning often deals with strange smells, vast amounts of rubbish & drug paraphernalia.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

In order to boost your revenues in these challenging financial times, having a clean and inviting restaurant, public house, nightclub, take-away or anywhere else that sells food is of the utmost importance. There is nothing worse than having your commercial premises shut-down because of a dirty food preparation area which erodes customer confidence and can ultimately lead to you going out of business.

We all know how dirty places become over time if left to their own devices, the safety of your customers is of the utmost importance and as such we recommend that all food areas undertake a deep cleaning exercise on a regular basis to help ensure that you exceed the food & hygiene standards expected by your local authority.

Complete Trauma Cleaning can thoroughly clean your premises from top to bottom using a wide range of professional equipment and specialised cleaning solutions that will have your premises smelling fresh, looking clean and feeling as good as new in no time - as part of our service we also sweep the area for any sign of infestation and disinfect the entire area.

By choosing Total Environmental Solutions for your deep kitchen cleaning requirements we can help you ensure the A+ rating when your kitchen is next inspected.

For more information regarding our deep kitchen cleaning service in London, the surrounding towns & villages or anywhere else in the UK, please contact us.