Biohazard Cleaning
Biological Hazards pose a serious threat to the health of living organisms, primarily humans.

Animal Carcass Removal & Disposal

Animal Carcass Removal

Complete Trauma Cleaning provide an animal carcass removal / fallen stock disposal service for customers in London, the surrounding area and the rest of the UK.

The removal of animal carcasses or fallen stock is governed by the Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR) and as such on-farm burial or burning is illegal.

Complete Trauma Cleaning offer a fallen stock / animal carcass removal service to farms or private land owners for the collection, transporting, storing, handling, processing, using and disposing of animal carcasses or parts of animal carcasses in full accordance with the guidelines laid out by the ABPR.

Our animal carcass removal & fallen stock removal service is suitable for:-

  • Individuals
  • Farmers
  • Land Owners
  • Horse Owners

For more information regarding our animal carcass removal & disposal service for London, the surrounding towns & villages or anywhere else in the UK, please contact us.